Marvin J. Stone, MD — When to Act and When to Refrain — A Lifetime of Learning the Science and Art of Medicine

A Doctor Shares His Rich Life in Medicine and Cancer Research

November 10, 2020
The ASCO Post – American Society of Clinical Oncology
Book Review by Ronald Piana

“The best doctor, like the successful general, is the one who makes the fewest mistakes.” —William Osler, MD

“What am I doing here? This question kept running through my mind as the incoming freshman medical students at the University of Chicago assembled for the first time.” The person asking the introspective question was Marvin Stone, fresh out of college, recently married to his wife, Jill, and now a nervous 21-year-old student at a renowned medical school in the nation’s third largest city. Dr. Stone recalled the culture shock he and his young bride encountered.